Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jeeves and the Song of Songs, by P.D. Wodehouse

This audio collection takes it title from the first story read by Alexander Spencer, and also includes the following:

The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy (Bertie "helps" old school chum get rid of unwanted writer, and acquire a fiancee)
The Kid Clementina (Bertie "helps" to smuggle a boarding school student back in to school)
Indian Summer of an Uncle (Bertie "helps"--see a pattern?-- uncle avoid a "disastrous" marriage to young woman)
The Impending Doom (Bertie tries to save an old school chum's job, avoids getting his own unwanted job)
The Yuletide Spirit (Bertie tries to avenge a prank, avoids a romantic entanglement
(in Song of Songs, Bertie tries to break up a couple, fails according to plan, but succeeds anyway)

The basics:
setting- 1930's England
characters- Bertie Wooster (of "family", untitled)
- Jeeves, his "gentleman's gentleman"
- several other relatives, chums, and romantic objects
conflict- Bertie gets into scrapes and situations, Jeeves bails him (and/or friends) out

* #'s 4-9 read for the 100 Shots of Short Reading Challenge, master post here

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