Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WoW: Johnson's Exercises/extra credit

Here is one of Johnson’s suggestions to get the writing muscles warmed up:

Spend five minutes listing everything you can think of that’s the color blue; tomorrow, green, and so on…

Wednesday, 11/12: blue
sky, water, kids' and husband's eyes, jeans, house, bird, roses, cloak, college colors, dragon, crayon, dress, feelings, comedy, diapers

Thursday, 11/13: green
leaves, traffic light, my eyes, diaper bag, mold, eggs, grass, money, vegetables, kiwi, apple

Friday, 11/14: purple
flowers, blouses, truffle tin, index cards, shoes, filing crates, amethyst, eggplant, rain, eyeliner, yoga mat, poppet

Saturday, 11/15: red
wagon, fire truck, lis, cheeks, cape, apple, tomato, ornaments, blood, balloon

Sunday, 11/16: black
cat, tie, bat, light, hat, book, box, night, mood, dress, hole, pride, clouds, limo, heart, panther, wolf

Monday, 11/17: white
paper, flag, rabbit, smoke, hat, snow, out, ghost, rice, sugar

Tuesday, 11/18: brown
cow, hair, nose, wood, stone, molasses, dirt, chocolate, leather

This was a hard one to do, for several reasons (mostly my fault):
I did these at night, usually when I was too tired to think.
I tried to limit myself to not using the same word for more than two colors.
I tried to limit use of same-category words within each color, like food and animals.

I probably would have gotten more from it had I not written them at the last minute, and maybe if I'd done the other exercise (the alphabet). Glad I gave it a try, though!

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