Tuesday, October 21, 2008

100 Shots of Short Reading Challenge.

The challenge is a simple one - no time limit, no specific titles, just the goal of reading 100 self-picked short stories as and when possible.

I'll keep a master list in this post (with links to individual reviews).

Here's a list of my preliminary source books:
Black Heart, Ivory Bones (fantasy)
I Shudder at Your Touch (horror)
Sisters in Crime 3 (mystery)
1. Arts and Crafts, Mary Jo Adamson
2. Listen and Listen Good, Marcia Biederman
3. SuSu and the 8:30 Ghost, Lilian Jackson Braun
Jeeves and the Song of Songs (humor)
4-9, descriptions here.
What Are You Looking At? (fat fiction)
Redshift (speculative fiction)

There's well over 100 stories in these six titles, but I'm allowing for not being able to finish some particularly uninteresting shorts.

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