Monday, November 24, 2008

Musing Monday (11/24)

How do you feel about wide-spread reading phenomenons - Harry Potter, for instance, or the more current Twilight Saga? Are these books so widely read for a reason, or merely fads or crazes? Do you feel compelled to read - or NOT to read - these books because everyone else is?

Early on, I take it with a grain of salt, and ask "who is doing the hyping?" As more of my friends and other people whose judgement I trust (in terms of what makes good reading) chime in with their opinions, I'm more willing to check out the book (literally--from the library). By and large, I think that whatever gets people reading something other than a magazine or a screen can't be all bad, but then there's those series that have either jumped the shark or deteriorated into one long sex scene (and if you don't know which ones I'm talking about, I won't ruin it for you)...

I don't feel compelled either way on "faddish" books. A new series of books isn't likely to get bumped ahead on my wishlist or TBR shelves. Truthfully, if they really are looking like new classics or must-haves, I'd rather wait until libraries are purging their overstock and selling that to make room for new items.

I didn't post a Mailbox Monday this week, as I didn't have anything come through the mail, but there will be at least one item to talk about next week!

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