Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Write on Wednesday: Warm Ups

Do you do writing exercises or warm ups? Do you think they could be valuable? Have you found warm up exercises helpful in some other area of your life, e.g. art, music, athletics?

Extra Credit: Try one of Johnson’s exercises above, and post about your experiences. Or create an exercise of your own and share it.

I've been wanting to start the Artist's Pages on and off for a few years now. A friend of mine was going to "lead" a group of us with this, but had to put it off due to too much life happening at once. I should ask her if she's still interested. I'm sure that both kinds of warmups (freestyle and themed) are valuable, each in its own way, and this is probably different for each writer. I used to be a middle-distance runner (800m to 5K) in high school (which was 20+ years and 40 pounds ago), and I know that practice (from sprints to long-distance running) and conditioning (stretching for flexibility, and weights for strength) were crucial to my performance.

I think I will try one of Johnson's warm-ups, maybe for a week, and post those results a week from today.


shoreacres said...

Hi, Marina,

Nice to see another Texan here - I'm down in League City. Just now, we're all practicing coping with hurricane Ike, but better days are ahead.

In the meantime, lots of good reading here, and plenty of writing, too! I'll be interested to see which warmups you chose.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Now, if only I could have the good sense to do physical exercise warm ups. I admire all of you who have done the long running competitions.
Yeah, I think it works much the same for writing. Looking forward to your post of your writing extra credit!

gautami tripathy said...

I always do physical exercise warm ups. And like you I too am thinking of doing Johnson's warm up exercises for writing!

warming up to you and lot more...