Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pin It and Do It: A Pinterest Challenge

So, I've been on Pinterest for a while, fairly soon after the creators started giving out invites. For me, it was a lot like this: [pin all the things cartoon] Yeah, I went a little nuts, but hey, it got me to quit playing CafeWorld on facebook. I know some people appreciate the absence of that in their newsfeed. These days, I make a conscious effort to limit the number of days and hours I spend pinning. All. The things. So... I have all these great decorating ideas, recipes, new homeschooling materials, etc. and I'm not taking the time to follow through with them. I needed a challenge (much like the reading and blogging ones I've accomplished). Luckily, I ether-met Trish through the last Bloggiesta, and was too late for the challenge she had going at the time, but managed to help talk her into doing another one so soon after she'd just finished. BTW, she's going to a quarterly schedule in 2013. Sounds good to me! I transferred 36 pins to a separate board, which I'll probably keep as a "current projects" space when challenges aren't running. The highest challenge level has a minimum of 8 finished projects. I think I can get through that many from the larger list. [links?] "Magazine" rack for wrapping materials Cereal boxes to paper storage (first one for the kids) Trivets from river stones and felt Bar soap--> liquid Dryer lint+toilet paper roll fire starters old terry robes to bath rug recipes for: crescent roll ham sandwiches, chicken gnocchi pesto soup, crack potatoes, tortellini alfredo casserole, chicken enchilada crockpot soup (in the crock I just bought today), Apple Pie drink, and Chocolate/PB crescent rolls. Some holiday ideas: Elf on the Shelf Crepe paper over kids doors for Christmas morning 5 different ornaments A few outdoor projects, a bracelet, a perpetual journal, and some organization for cleaning products. At first glance, I seem to already have most of the materials for about a third of the projects (not including the recipes). There are a few I want to rework in order to make them a little...nicer.