Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Week Ahead: November 24-30

Monday 11/24- Speech and Occupational Therapy for Anthony, then his only day of school this week. I'll bring review-writing material to work on while we're waiting in the car. Sitter comes after school to watch boy; girl and I take off to run Town (=Austin) errands. Mail last round of bills for the month. Make sure donkey-sale check gets deposited. Mail sister the disc from photo shoot (from a few weeks ago). Not sure if I'll get much reading done, but will definitely work toward finishing The Perfect Storm.

Tuesday 11/25- Anthony's appointment with Dr. Harkins, in San Antonio. We have to make sure we have all the paperwork, including the checklist we are supposed to fill out. We probably won't be back in time to get him to class. If we have sit-around time while he's being evaluated, I'll see if I can get at least one book review written (maybe the review for the last short story I read from Sisters in Crime 3). Bring mystery story collection to read/review a few more, and the Pod for the trip.

Wednesday 11/26- Post-natal yoga class. Lunch afterwards? Sitter is available. Need to remember to bring the too-small-for-Morgann disposables for classmate K's boy. Make certain I have everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner contributions, and Anthony's food. Write another book review before starting another book.

Thursday 11/27- Cook or prep food, pack clothes and diapers for both kids, pack Anthony's food and toys. Head for Castroville for dinner at Oma's. usually have no chance for any reading, unless I bring an audiobook for the 3+ hours in the car (roundtrip).

Friday 11/28- Stay home! Why deal with Black Friday craziness? Shop online if I absolutely must. Organize list for gift photos from school and shoot; figure out how to disburse and package safely.

Saturday 11/29- Wide open, as far as I know. I'm sure I'll have a better idea by mid-week.

Sunday 11/30- Another wide-open day. In my dreams, full of reading and writing, but reality will, I'm sure, be much different.

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