Friday, November 30, 2007

It seems I'm not up to the challenge after all...

I am barely 2/3 of the way through my second of three books for the Book-to-Movie Challenge, ending today. I'll finish Cider House Rules for the sake of finishing it in 2007, but I will save Neverwhere for another challenge (perhaps the Fairy tale/Mythology one in the spring). I'm disappointed that I didn't push myself harder.

Looking back on the month, I didn't write what I wanted to; I really wanted better content on the site, and to start drawing regular readers, but I couldn't seem to stick to my self-suggested assignments. Maybe I will try again next month, or in January (probably the more realistic goal, given the holiday season). I'm finding that it takes so much time to do the networking necessary to get that readership, that it seems hard to justify that effort right now; that is, it's hard for me to see the payoff.

My husband wants me to have more drive for my "career", to formulate a plan towards earning money. It's a fair request, but I truly do not know that I can be successful. I know that in everything I've tried so far (journalism, government,teaching, library) I've been burned, and I am afraid that my last beloved thing will be ruined for me if this, too, goes south.

Well, I am going to start on a master list of "assignments"; reviews of the Harper Collins books, challenges, regular memes (like Thursday 13 and Saturday Review of Books), and other articles to write, so that I can move toward a more professional attitude, and start acting like I know what I'm doing.

Har har.

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