Sunday, November 4, 2007

Texas Book Festival, Sunday summary

The first session I wanted to attend did not start until 11:30, so I not only got some extra sleep (from the time change), but I also had time to eat breakfast and have a shower. First session was interesting--it made me want to make an effort to join a local Story Circle, but in reality, it will probably be a few years before I can do anything about it. My next session was next door, so I had a little time to chat with my friend Brandy (her husband was moderating), and to let her know that I won't be able to do Indian this week, because of the pending California trip. I dropped 5 more books off at the BookCrossing table, and chatted with Heather before the Yard Art session down the way. I was impressed overall with the idea, but the book was not worth what I could get out of it ($30). While our long-term housing plans are up in the air, it doesn't really seem right to be investing time in whimsy.

I had to buy nail clippers for Boudreaux (our original pair has gone awol), so I arrived at the Austin Celtic festival at about 4:00. DH and Anthony were already there, so I spent some time following Anthony's random forward progress across the grounds. We said hello to our friends from Things Celtic, chatted with my online book group leader (which reminds me, I need to get back to reading the book), saw some friends I hadn't seen in over two years (I know this only because they hadn't met Anthony). I promised to try a restart of our yahoo group, so we'll see if we can get everyone together again. I went primarily for the music, and I even got to dance with my son (while most of the band members were out dancing with the audience)--which he absolutely loved.

Tonight's post must be short, as I need to get some reading done, so I will probably do that until I nod off. Tomorrow, I'll start writing up my notes from the various talks on Saturday, and see how far I get.


Susan said...

Hi Marina :)
Thanks for joining the Christmas Theme Book Challenge. I hope to update my site tonight. Happy reading!

Marina said...

Hello Susan! Thanks for getting back to me, and good luck with your site :D