Monday, November 26, 2007

Cider House Rules, Endangered Species

This one's a little daunting, it's a pretty long book, but I'm glad I'm finally getting to read it. This is a much better story than what Hollywood gave us (no complaints about Tobey Maguire, though) several years ago. I'm making decent progress (I'm just over 100 pages in), and am having no trouble with the flow.

I'm on disc 6 of 8 for Endangered Species; the plot is coming along nicely.

Here's that review for The Fourth Trimester:

Over all, this book had some pretty good advice. I did have a few major quibbles, mostly with tips related to medical advice:

The author poo-poohs Kegels; she really shouldn't have. She could have given better advice about breast pain (there are solutions, and red flags). I'd suggest Depends over sanitary pads, especially for the first few weeks, and especially if bed-resting after a C-section. Get the stool softener, and don't wait for them to ask if you've BM-ed. Formula-fed babies are not necessarily "fine" (I'm referring to weight and diabetes problems later in life). Use wet baby washcloths for all non-poop diapers. If circumcising, one realy needs to do all they n to make the baby comfortable and not believe the doctor if they say the baby doesn't really feel anything.

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