Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guests today,

so not much has been done so far in terms of reading. I did manage to get to page 90 in Black Dahlia last night before I packed it in. The storyline is starting to pick up now that the "case" is open. I will probably get another 50+ pages read tonight before I fall asleep.

I've dishes to take care of in the kitchen, but I'm really wiped out from having people over, so those, and the laundry will just have to wait until tomorrow. Also hoping I can get The Fourth Trimester read and reviewed so that I can finally get this package mailed to my sister. She wrote to me the other day, saying (essentially) that her emergency c-section risk has gone up; I'm hoping little R can finish baking, and that J will get through the labor OK.

I am curious about one thing however... how is she going to get to the hospital, as her DH doesn't drive?

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