Sunday, December 2, 2007

Endangered Species, by Nevada Barr

I am enjoying this series, especially the change in setting with each book. I feel as though I'm getting a little geography and flora/fauna lesson along with my attention-stretching. I am far enough in to care about Anna, especially when I think she needs a good shaking for not getting the medical attention she so obviously needs, and for taking her "lone ranger" persona way too seriously.

I know that the title refers to the loggerheads that open and end the story, but I couldn't find the deeper connection in the plot--I suppose Barr keeps her titles simple for a good reason. Maybe I'm just trying too hard, but I thought that the plot would have more to do with the wildlife; then again, Barr isn't exactly following a pattern, so I suppose I need to stop expecting that.

I'm looking forward to the next one in line (Blind Descent, which I think I have on one of these shelves, somewhere), but I also know that it will be a while, given all the other reading I've assigned myself.

In other reading progress, I finished a big chunk of Cider House Rules, and now have less than 100 pages to read for tomorrow. Christmas Letters is up next.

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