Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting late...

so I'm going to hold off on any writeups for tonight (I finished Endangered Species last night). Maybe tomorrow will be less laundry-filled, and I'll be able to sit and concentrate.

I decided to start Moll Flanders for my housework read; I'm somewhere on disc 4, which (I think) is a good beginning. I didn't get to read as much of Cider House Rules as I'd hoped. My son had a late dinner, and DH had to take over; I think I managed another 25 pages. I think I will do another round after I've fed the dog and shut the house down for the night.

I did spend a little time today preparing some of my long-ago reads (39, in this batch) for review (with the index cards). I also decided to file the finished reviews by title, so I could have an organized paper record of them (my inner archivist had fun, at least). My desk is also slightly clearer, but I've still not found the dvd that went missing a few months ago.

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