Tuesday, November 13, 2007

V. lazy day for books...

I only managed to listen to 3 chapters of my current audiobook, which I may have to set aside in favor of starting/finishing Age of Innocence on time for my book group on Monday. I've been invited by the MIL to attend a Celtic music concert in San Antonio, and Grandpa will watch my son so that DH can work on the homestead, so that actually kills Sunday for doing any reading whatsoever (well, maybe I can plug the iPod in for the way down and back, but the doesn't help with AOI). Oh--short note to self: remember to check in at SWA's blog to enter the contest to win her latest book in the Beatrix Potter series. I've a lot of housework to catch up with tomorrow, so I should make some decent headway with Puss 'n' Cahoots.

Called RB today to get them going with sending me another shipment, it sounds like they were not researching some missing cds after all. Am beginning to think I should give up on them and just do what I can through the library.

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