Thursday, November 1, 2007

2nds Challenge choices post

I'm signing up (really late) for the 2nds Challenge, so I'm not going for any prize, but I really want to set an accountable goal to read the following books:

In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
Hearse of a Different Color, by Tim Cockey
Painted Truth, by Lise McClendon [track it down, it has to be on one of these shelves]

Unless I stumble upon some other "second to me" book that I just can't put down, these will be the ones I'll need to read by December 31.


Joy said...

Hi Marina! It's good to see your list. I only recognize the Weiner book. I'm looking forward to your reviews. Happy Reading!

Marina said...

Thanks Joy! I'll get busy on those :D

Erikka said...

Where are you "signing up" for these challenges? What do you win? This is neat site for finding out about new/books I haven't read, so thanks for creating it!

Marina said...

I can't remember who pointed me to this site:

but it's a great compilation of what's out there, and I've found that I'm getting more reading done, and it's making me write more, too.

From what I've read, most of the hosts give away books, some get really elaborate and do t-shirts, movies, gift certificates, and points on booktrading sites. Part of today's blog will be "thank yous" to those I've won something from.