Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Gorge Day!

Well, that's what many U.S.ers do today as an outward display of life prosperity. I think I did pretty well at controlling my intake, but that was certainly helped by the fact that I'm neither a stuffing nor a sweet potato girl. Both proffered appetizers were gone before I knew it, and I got raves for them, so I can have a little warm glow from that success.

My son had a good visit with everyone; he was the only little kid there, so he had all the attention for himself, and ate it up like a good little Leo.

I didn't subject my boys to my audiobook during the drive to Blanco, so I'll have to make up the time tomorrow during housework or when I do a Costco run for Saturday meals. Depending on my energy levels when I'm through here, I may curl up with Black Dahlia and try to make better progress on it. It's been a slow read so far, as I'm getting a lot of background on two cops involved with the case. It reads like a Dashiel Hammett, but for some reason, it's sloggy. I'm fueling with the orange juice I didn't have this morning (as I was too busy throwing the food together, and packing DS's necessaries) and some chocolate truffles.

I've fallen behind on my Daily Book read, but I may have time this weekend to make up for it.

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