Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Still working on yesterday's books...

I made a lot of progress with my audiobook, but I miscounted the number of discs, so I still have to get through #9 tonight (for bedtime). Did not get to read much of Cider (I'm up to p. 125), but I plan to read much of that tomorrow (that is, while I'm not on a new audiobook (either Moll Flanders or Lion in the Valley while I'm taking care of dishes and laundry). I won't have any tv-viewing tomorrow to catch up with, so I'm hoping to get most of it finished.

No write-ups tonight, but if I can manage it, I'd like to write out some answers to the end-of-chapter questions for Pagan Spirituality sometime tomorrow, perhaps in the evening while my annoying shows are taping.

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