Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lots of reading done so far,

and I've a review for my "quick book" mostly written. DH is coming home early, so I will have to do my tv-watching during son's nap.

Anyway, I finished Puss 'n' Cahoots last night. I'm enjoying the series less as mysteries, and I don't expect more than brain-candy at this point. Part of me wishes that RMB would just do some nonfiction work covering horses and farm life and get back to her storytelling in her fictional works. More on that later.

While I transferred some material to my iPod, I read Best Advice on Life After Baby Arrives, again, so I can send it off to my sister soon. That review is also in the works. I'm really liking my index-card format, as it's also getting me to be concise and not get boring.

I started listening to Endangered Species during my son's videotime, so that's all ready to go while I'm occupied with housework this week. I'll get a start on Black Dahlia later on tonight, when I've all my writing done.


J. Kaye Oldner said...

Stopping by all my favorite blogs to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

J. Kaye

Marina said...

Why thank you! I hope yours was wonderful also.