Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10: 13 Costumes I Could Throw Together Tomorrow...

From What I Have on Hand (and a Few Literary Characters)

1. Catholic Schoolgirl--I never attended, but bought the uniform from hometown school.
2. Cowgirl--Boots, jeans, t-shirt, denim duster, bullwhip (I'd better leave the donkey at home).
3. Scheherezade--The pants, blouse, and velvet duster were actually my second wedding outfit.
4. Peggy Cort (librarian, Giant's House)--Skirt, heels, hair in a bun, and shooshing action.
5. Huntress (of Birds of Prey)--Leather duster, tank, black jeans.
6. Titania--Fancy dress, tiara, makeup.
7. Paper Bag Princess--Paper bags, tiara.
8. Red Hat Society, junior auxiliary member--Some red and purple combo, but not a hat--that's for full members.
9. Grania/Grace O'Malley (pirate queen)--Leather skirt, boots, bustier.
10. Doctor--Scrubs, stethoscope, coffee mug.
11. Peasant Girl, renaissance era--My standard ren Faire garb: peasant skirt, blouse, sandals.
12. Businesswoman--Suit, heels, briefcase.
13. Track Star--Sweats, running shoes, letter jacket.

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Kalisha said...

Great ideas! Come over and find out 13 places to wear UV skinz swim shirts!