Friday, September 28, 2012

Visits and meandering and chatting it up

Books. Lists. Life. Where I committed to doing this Pinterest challenge for the month of October.

Stuff As Dreams Are Made On Where I gave the author a hard time for posting yet another interesting meme I'd like to participate in. And, I may have set myself up for hosting my own someday. EEP!

Stainless Steel Droppings Where I committed to doing this read-along.

Returned the "hello" from Maria.

Returned the "hello" from Mel

Complimented Trish on her "old-school" challenge.

Let Brianna know I was having trouble with Pocket on my iPad

Thanked Joy for all the great Evernote ideas.

Let Tanya know which of her blog topics I'd use in the future.

Took a survey!


Joy said...

What a cool post. I really like the idea of recording your wanderings. I remember clear back when that was what "web logs" were mostly used for!

Joy's Book Blog

Marina said...

Joy: Since I was needing the links to the events/challenges, this was the best place to put them. At least until I dedicate a notebook to my online commitments.

Sunday might be the day I go blog-hopping, and I'll probably make a similar list.

Trish said...

I see lots of my favorite bloggers on this post! Glad you had a great bloggiesta.