Friday, September 28, 2012

Ready, set... GO!

It's Bloggiesta time!
Let's see how far I can get while my grrl watches her favorite horse-themed dvd.

Goal list:

Get a blogging mobile app installed and running on phone and iPad. Done! Went with Blogsy for the iPad, and will use Evernote on the phone.

Do the organization and scheduling mini challenge from Amanda of On a Book Bender. Done!

See if the format of Trish's mini-challenges works well for me.

Check out Pocket per Brianna and see if I can be disciplined enough to use it instead of Instapaper for my blogging topics. Update: I downloaded it, and all it does is display 4 colored bars that do nothing :(

Carve some basic html tags into my arm so I don't have to keep tabbing over to the cheat sheet. Kidding. Really.

Try an Evernote notebook system per Joy's mini-challenge.

Use Tanya's list of topics to beef up that schedule

Give my readers a better idea of life in the boonies and fulfill Maria's challenge.

Catch up on a few reviews (there's no way I'd get through half in a few days) and commit to the Can’t Eat Just One challenge at Hannah's site.

Go visiting! Can I make 10 each day? Sheila challenges us to build community.

Attend at least part of one of the twitter parties.


Alysia A said...

I have a long list too! Good Luck on your Bloggiesta Goals. You have one knocked out already!!! :)

Marina said...

Thank you Alysia! Best of luck on yours :)

Maria said...
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Maria said...

I still want to complete a number of the challenges. Good thing they'll still be there after this weekend! Still some things that interest me, but it's impossible to do everything I want to do with two small children also needing my attention. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Maria @