Wednesday, August 1, 2007

#3--13 things on my desk

Thirteen Things about Marina

1. Earrings, about 15 pair. I cleaned them today while I was surfing. As I was cleaning my heart-shaped faux alexandrite, one of the crystals fell off, so now that pair is out of commission until I can have it fixed. It's one of 10 pieces of jewelry in line for that task. I should just put these on my "wish list" in lieu of new presents.

2. Water bottle, blue, 64 ounces. My goal is to finish off a full one every day, but I haven't achieved that in quite a while. I get too distracted, and then I chug a lot at night, when I'm nice and dehydrated.

3. Poppets; I bought these last month, and I took them on an outing:

4. 3 tins of BPAL imps. I'm supposed to be testing at least one per day, to figure out which ones I'm willing to trade, and which ones need a full bottle purchase.

5. Bills: Verizon [the last one! we cancelled service after giving up on them ever offering us DSL out here], Sprint, Chase, boat slip rental.

6. Audio Books: Puss 'N' Cahoots, Beekeeper's Apprentice, Inkspell, Stone Work

7. blue hairclasp

8. vitamins

9. kitchen timer [there it is!]

10. Books; too many to list, but in the following categories: to be reviewed, RIP Challenge, to be reshelved, new books to be de-stickered.

11. Markeroni Logbook. 17 registered for the summer, but am missing a few snarfed during the Poppet outing.

12. Mini-Mag flashlight (for the nights--most of them--when I'm the last one to bed and need to find my way around the bedroom, which is usually mined by my husband with shoes and whatever else he can fling)

13. Lotion, because I don't wear enough (or so my mother must think), but it's out of normal reach, so I'm not going through it very quickly.

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[edited because I, apparently, can't count, or a week has warped itself out of existence]


Lesley said...

Oh I love your poppets! They're so cute! Do you have an Anne Bonny imp in that basket? If so try it out! I love it! It's on my list of things to order when I'm not broke. :-D

The Cat Realm said...

That is an interesting list. Definitely human - nothing we can relate to. Except for the flower which is very pretty!
Karl and Anastasia

kailani said...

I remember buying tons of audio books thinking it was a great idea. I haven't listened to a single one! Happy TT!

damozel said...

Love the bitty's becoming increasingly clear that everyone has a more interesting desk than I do, which is sad.

Sue said...

I LOVE those poppets too! Happy TT!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

I've got a line of jewelry that awaits repair too. Sad, cause I am never going to get to it.

The Gal Herself said...

My hand sanitizer is about as nearby as your lotion. I have it here at work, on my desk, because I know I'm SUPPOSED to.

Amy Ruttan said...

Very cute poppets,and I have lotion on my desk too ... I don't use it as often as I should. (had it a year, it's still full)

happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

Journeywoman said...

Nice flowers.

I'm also a big reader. Are you on Goodreads? If not, give it a try.

Happy tt

L^2 said...

Your desk sounds more interesting than mine. Mine is too small to fit much of anything besides the computer.

Thanks for visiting my TT! :-)

Ed said...

Great List. I loved The Beekeeper's apprentice.


Marina said...

lesley--no Anne Bonny yet, I'm hoping to get to try it the next time my friends have a sniff-n-swap.

cat realm--surely you can relate to knocking these things off the desk? My cats tell me this is fundamental to catdom... thank goodness they run all those gravity tests!

kailani--hope you get a chance to enjoy those books, I find that they're great for listening to while doing housework (usually dishes and folding clothes, not so much for vacuuming).

damozel--my desk is only interesting in that there isn't very much undeveloped real estate left on it.

sue--I'm having a lot of fun with them, I'll post more pictures with them in following entries.

nancy--I hate retiring my jewelry, especially when it's one of my nicer pieces (like my great-grandmother's pearls or my post-divorce ring).

gal--my hand sanitizer is in the diaper bag, where it's most crucial; that one actually gets used :D

amy--Ha! We should found a support group for lotiophobes ;)

journeywoman--I think I have that site bookmarked on my google page, but I haven't joined up yet.

L-squared--unfortunately (perhaps), I've been too inspired by Enterprise "desk" is a countertop held up by two file cabinets. I suppose I should grow up and get a real one, but I can't beat the work area (when it's clear LOL) with anything else (that will fit through the door).

ed--Thanks! I'm looking forward to starting the King series.

pussreboots said...

Beekeeper's Apprentice is a good book. Happy TT.

Chris said...

That's some cool desk stuff! I'm glad you finally got yourself some poppets ;) They look happy to be yours. Great pic!

Which scents did you get from BPAL? I was thinking of getting one of the Neil Gaiman scents but I didn't know if they were for guys, girls, or unisex?? Who knows!

Linda said...

:: chuckle :: This week has definitely warped out of existence. ;)

I have two TTs (13 experiences I'd never have had without a motorcycle)
13 reasons to tell everyone about Markeroni

Ben Clapton said...

Great list. Are they the only 13 things on your desk? I don't think i've got anything less than about 500 on mine.

Phelan said...

Marina, I think you rock!

Marina said...

pussreboots-- (love your username!) I'm looking forward to it, I might just bring it to Kansas with me later on this month.

Chris--I have several dozen imps that I've gotten from lots on eBay...the list is pretty extensive. I've had to make myself stop buying any until I've tried enough to start finding favorites. I don't think BPAL markets the scents by gender, so it's best to read the descriptions and see what sorts of combinations appeal (you might stay away from the uber-flower scents). I've heard nothing but raves about Miskatonic University. I would get imps/samples (I think they go for 6/$20 on the site), or see if you can score any good deals on decants from eBay or unofficial bpal forums.

Linda--got them both. How are you going to keep up with them?

Ben--LOL there's way more than 13, these are just the some of the things that don't belong, or that you wouldn't expect.

Phelan--I think you rock, too! I'll post it as soon as I decide who I should pass it on to.

Nicole Austin said...

Interesting list. The poppets are cute.