Tuesday, August 28, 2007

#37--The Vile Village, by Lemony Snicket (narrated by Tim Curry)

This series has been out for a while, and the last book has been published (with nothing like the fanfare of the "last" Potter), but my introduction to the story was via the movie. Being a good little OCD reader, I began listening to each installment on cassette tapes--they're short compared to my normal fare--so I can usually finish them in less than a week.

So, here I am at the seventh book, not surprised at all at the latest way in which the life of the Baudelaire siblings sucks rocks. The foster asssignment brings them to V.F.D., where they find their dream home but are surrounded by nightmarish circumstances. This wouldn't be a Snicket book without an appearance from the nefarious Count Olaf, and his meddling is in fine form. This is one book I do not want to see onscreen because of his costuming. Serious. Blind. Alert. Trust me.

I'll return this to the library tomorrow, pick up Hostile Hospital, and continue on with the so-bad-it's-good tale. Snicket does a really nice job of luring the reader along to the next... series of unfortunate events (talk about the master of understatement). Also compelling is the "author's" backstory, and I hope he's included a little more of that in the remaining titles--I like me some subplot :D

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Court said...

I've read the first one in the series, and have avoided them ever since because of the fact that they are so depressing and those poor children's lives really suck! But ... does Tim Curry narrate all the audio books??