Friday, April 18, 2008

Fahrenheit 451, March read for Canon Book Group

Due to childcare issues, I wasn't able to attend the discussion for this book; unfortunately this was a meeting I really didn't want to miss because I wanted some feedback regarding readers' rights and how to combat book-hatred.

I believe I read this in high school well over 20+ years ago (long enough to have neither memory of how I felt nor what I thought of it), so this reading wasn't tainted by past opinion. I managed to get a copy of the 50th anniversary edition, which has 2 introductions and a forward; I always enjoy reading an authors' insights to their work, and I wish more authors currently publishing would include them. Reading bits about how Bradbury "fed on books," about being a passionate versus an intellectual writer, about how we don't have to literally burn books as long as we continue to "fill the world with nonreaders, nonlearners, nonknowers,"; well, these thoughts truly make me cling to my books and to my writing all the more happily, if desperately.

Unfortunately, I failed to create a quote-slip as I read this book. Finding my favorite passages would take another re-read, which I can't afford to do right now (aside from owing the library 2 bucks on the lateness of the book). That will have to wait for my own copy to find its way to me.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes to think about their reading material (given that there are many books which don't require that sort of effort... not that I'm knocking their entertainment value--I read plenty of that sort myself), to those who are committed to having personal libraries, an to those who compulsively share and foster a love of books to the next generation.

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