Sunday, May 13, 2007

A picture of the boy who calls me "Momma"

And a few "momma" books from my bookshelf:
[I've read these, and really need to review them]
An Innocent, A Broad (Ann Leary)
Mothers: A Celebration (Alexandra Stoddard)
My Mother Worked and I Turned Out Okay (Katherine Wyse Goldman)
All Mothers Work (Cindy Ramming)
Life Laughs (Jenny McCarthy)

[I need to read these]
The Mother Load (Caryl Christensen, Marilyn Kentz)
Domestic Affairs (Joyce Maynard)
Life's Work (Lisa Belkin)


Chris said...

What a beautiful picture! Happy Mother's Day :D So sorry I forgot to put you in the post! My mind's not working right lately. You have a very lucky son ;)

Quixotic said...

That's such a cute picture!

MyUtopia said...

Cool list, he's a cute kid!