Monday, May 7, 2007

Books finished, books acquired

I'm finally done with Good Kids, Bad Habits and Happiest Toddler on the Block (reviews to follow) so I can start reading something for the non-fiction challenge. Once I finish listening to Back Roads (1 1/2 tapes to go), I'll start another for the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I also need to start reading another for the BlogHer Virtual Book Tour. I'm way behind on those.

I received the following when I held my Spring Swap this weekend:

The Deep End (Joy Fielding)
Wilderness (Dennis Danvers)
Night Thunder (Ruby Jean Jensen)
Shaitan (Max Ehrlich)
Wilding (Melanie Tem)
Dream Makers, v.2 (Charles Platt)
Berserker Base (various)
Neena Gathering (Valerie Nieman Colander)
Castle Perilous, Castle for Rent, Castle Kidnapped (John DeChancie)
Caught in Crystal (Patricia C. Wrede)
Sunwaifs (Sydney J. van Scyoc)
Sorceress of Darshiva (David Eddings)
The Citadel of Chaos (Steve Jackson)
Men in Black (Steve Perry)

plus others listed elsewhere...these were the best of the sci-fi/fantasy/horror mix.

One of these days, I will write some long-overdue reviews and send some more books out of the house. I can't get back into trading on the BookCrossing forums until I make good on books I owe people. If I could have 4 good (interrupted) days of writing/typing and package prep, I could get all that out of the way and clear off some shelves.

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