Sunday, March 9, 2008

February reading

Amazingly enough, I managed to finish 8 books, even though I slacked off terribly the last two weeks. I'm not going the thank the flu that waylaid me for several days (I'm not that forgiving), but all that reading was the best I could manage, productivity-wise. Of course, I haven't posted any reviews for any of these, I suppose I'll backdate them and try to get current somehow. If I think about it, I can edit this post, and link the reviews later. Here's the list:

9. Death at Devil's Bridge (Robin Paige) *counts toward Victorian series
10. Downsizing Your Home With Style () *Harper Collins review book
11. Gods of Fire and Thunder (Fred Saberhagen) *finishes Masks of the Gods series
12. 12 Sharp (Janet Evanovich) *counts toward Plum series
13. The Last Wolf of Ireland () audio
14. The Strange Files of Fremont Jones () *starts series and counts toward Award Winners Challenge
15. S is for Silence (Sue Grafton) *counts toward Millhone series
16. Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger) Canon book group

I had been hoping to finish at least 2 other audiobooks, but they aren't crucial to any challenge or specific goal, so I don't feel badly about pushing those forward. In fact, one would have started a new series, which I really shouldn't be doing.

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